Candidate: Ari Goldkind

Who are you?

I am a 32 year old criminal defence lawyer in Toronto who is tired of the apathy and political correctness of the political system. Nobody says anything interesting, does anything interesting, or ever thinks outside of the box. Everything is about getting elected and staying elected, but never about innovation or truly helping the people of this city in ways that actually mean something and last.

Why are you running?

Because it's a very clever and smart idea, and clever and smart ideas never work out in practice unless people support them and stand up for them in more than passive ways.

What should a City Councillor be?

Insightful, intelligent, and not concerned about making everybody happy at the cost of pleasing no one. Somebody who actually wants to make changes that will last more than the length of the political cycle, and makes differences in people's lives both on a big and small scale. Financially and socially.

Anything else?

I want to also be the city's first pet friendly politican, realizing the value of pets in people's lives and the acknowledgement that over 50% of people's homes in this city have at least one pet, and that is a large constituency to appeal and market to. This effects decisions of green space, parks, recreational areas, social interactions, health and wellness, and the happiness of people living in an urban area and keeping the city vibrant.

We need new leaders.